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Since the decision of the Committee of Deans and Directors on June 03, 2021 to the effect that students were to resume physically on campus on June 10, after the extended Mid-Semester break, as conveyed by the notice given from the Registrar’s Office, a good number of parents and sponsors have expressed deep anxiety that the insecurity in the country has not abetted sufficiently to assuage their fear about the safety of their wards. This is despite acknowledging the efforts Management has made to improve the security within the campus and the university environment.

Veritas University latest resumption update

While it is true that the University Senate is vested with the power to decide the academic calendar of the university we also are conscious of the feelings, concerns, and the feedback from parents, sponsors, and students with whom we share the common task of training and ensuring the safety of the students.

In recognition of this fact, therefore, and after due consultations, Veritas University Management has decided that the rest of the second semester of the 2021 session will be blended. That implies that lectures will be held both online and physically within the campus. In consequence, therefore, students and their parents/sponsors are free to decide whether to resume physically onsite in the university or to continue their lectures online.

However, all examinations will be on campus at the end of the semester. Similarly, all students in the sciences who have experiments to perform are to do so onsite within the campus when these are due. Deans of Faculty, Directors of Academic Units, and Heads of Departments are required to decide within the context of their academic standards, when such experiments will fall due and when their students must be on campus for such experiments.


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