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» JAMB Mock Exam Results 2021 – Monitoring Thread

Many 2021 UTME candidates who participated in the JAMB Mock exam and even those who did not participate are eager to know when the results of the mock exam will be released. Based on previous experience, the results are usually released within 48 hours or so. However, we do not know for sure how long it may take for the 2021 Mock results to be released.

JAMB Mock Exam Results 2021 - Monitoring Thread

We understand that the result may be sent individually to each candidate via SMS or email. Therefore, we will use this thread to monitor when the results for the JAMB Mock Exams are released and sent to candidates.

Meanwhile, the date for the commencement of the main exam remains June 19th, 2021. Candidates are advised to take the preparations for the exam more seriously.

Please feel free to let us know if you have received any message from JAMB concerning the release of results for the 2021 Mock Exam.


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