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» FUWukari receives NUC’s approval for new programmes

The Vice-Chancellor is please invited to recall that a resource verification visit was carried out by panels of experts to some proposed academic programmes in Federal University, Wukari with a view to assessing the human and material resources available for their establishment.

FUWukari receives NUC's approval for new programmes

I am directed to inform the Vice-Chancellor that the Executive Secretary has considered and approved the establishment of the full-time mode of the following undergraduate programmes to be run in the Main Campus of the University with effect from the 2020/2021 academic session:

1. B.Sc. Human Anatomy

2. B.Sc. Human Physiology

3. BSc. Physiotherapy

4. MBBS Medicine and Surgery

5 . LLB. Law

6. BEng. Chemical Engineering

7. B.Eng Computer Engineering

8. B. Eng. Agricultural Engineering

9. BMLS. Basic Medical Laboratory Science

I am to add that the approval does not cover the part-time mode of delivery of the programmes.

All programmes shall bear only the approved titles and nomenclature and any change will require the approval of the Commission. The University is enjoined to provide adequate human and material resources for the development and growth of the approved programmes.


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