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» OSPOLY notice to ND II DPT on EED practical training class

This is to inform all ND II DPT students who have duly registered for EED 216 that their practical training classes have been scheduled as stated below in the Directorate of Entrepreneurship Education complex.

OSPOLY notice to ND II DPT on EED practical training class

Faculty of Management Studies —– 9am – 3pm

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
Faculty of Engineering —– 9am – 3pm

Faculty of Science
Faculty of Environmental Studies —– 9am – 3pm

Faculty of Financial Studies
Faculty of Art and Industrial Design —– 9am – 3pm

Please note that any student who fails to register as stated above will not be allowed into the training practical class. You are to note that signing of attendance sheet on the day of practical is very important as evidence of practical training class.

Students who selected solar panel construction will have their practical training on Tuesday 17th November 2020 irrespective of their faculties.

In addition, submission of EED practical training logbook duly completed in line with the laid down procedures must be strictly followed.

Please note the above and comply accordingly.


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