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» Meet Okechukwu, a Nigerian medical student with a rare flexible body

Meet Christian Chukwubuikem Okechukwu, a 200-level medicine and surgery student of Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi state, who hails from Ihitte Uboma in Imo state and has the ability to contort his body.

Meet Okechukwu, a Nigerian medical student with a rare flexible body

He earned the name “Rubber boy” from friends, when he acrobatically bent in half, folding his spinal cord in the process, and returned to his original human position, all within two minutes.

According to Okechukwu, he discovered that he had extreme physical flexibility and could bend and twist his body into unnatural positions since the age of 8 and was once misdiagnosed by a doctor because of his rare flexibility.

He, however, maintained that he has not suffered any body damage or health side effects since he has been in the athletic profession. He stressed that he has never had any course to visit the hospital arising from injuries suffered while performing, neither has he ever experienced health complications after performing.

It is worthy to note that the naturally-talented contortionist has a growing fan base and is charting the course to becoming the first flexible medical doctor in the world.


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