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» LASU responds to allegations of fraud in the ongoing selection process for a new VC

Our attention has been drawn to a viral video by one @Baloguneko making the rounds on the social media, where he accused the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman Governing Council of the University, Prof. Adebayo Ninalowo, of attempting to manipulate the ongoing selection process of the next Vice-Chancellor of the University, purportedly to favour some candidates and shortchange others.

LASU responds to allegations of fraud in the ongoing selection process for a new VC

Before now, we have maintained a deliberate silence on the various media reports and propaganda that have greeted the first, and the currently ongoing selection process in order to avoid joining issues with those seeking to, and by all means, rubbish the process, in order to achieve their personal gains.

But after critically assessing the latest video, and aware of the damage the misinformation it contains could cause to the good name of the university, we are compelled to provide some clarifications.

First, the Council Chairman, Prof. Adebayo Ninalowo, does not have any grouse with a particular candidate and regardless of his personal preferences, cannot unilaterally determine who applies for, is shortlisted for, or is eventually appointed as the next Vice Chancellor of the University, as @Baloguneko alleged.

For the avoidance of doubt, a Committee, headed by the Chairman Council, made up of representatives of the Council and the Senate of the University is only responsible for shortlisting, screening and interviewing applicants for the position of Vice Chancellor, in a transparent manner. The job of the Selection Committee however ends with recommending the names of the three best performing candidates to the Visitor (the Governor of the state) who has the prerogative to appoint any of the three candidates recommended to him.

Second, the poster’s allegation that the immediate past Vice Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun, SAN, NPOM, attempted to foist a particular candidate on the university is untrue and very unfortunate. The poster again betrays a lack of knowledge of the process of appointment. No where in the LASU Laws is an incumbent (or former) VC empowered to decide his successor.

Being a stickler for rule of law and due process, the immediate past VC consistently maintained his neutrality in the process of the appointment of the new Vice Chancellor. If he was not able to determine his successor while in office, one wonders how he would do that now that he is out of office.

Finally, we must state that the process for the appointment of the 9th Substantive Vice Chancellor of the University has been very transparent and credible.

We therefore urge all well-meaning stakeholders to resist any effort to undermine the ongoing selection process, but rather continue to pray for the best candidate to emerge while supporting the University to attain her goal of becoming the best in the country.


Ademola Adekoya

Coordinator, Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations



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