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» Babcock University Students’ Association notice to students

All Batch A Students who have carry-over courses are to ensure that they contact the respective lecturers of those courses and confirm the schedules for their online classes due to their unavailability on campus.

Babcock University Students' Association notice to students

In addition, students who have carry-over courses from their “100L First Semester” especially those in their final year, are to select those courses in their School Page alongside the other courses for this semester and submit, in view of a determination from the University by next semester.

Furthermore, if for some unforeseen reasons, a Batch A student has not received a response from the lecturer for his/her online classes for courses taught in the Batch-B Period, or have not done the Quiz/Midsemester examinations) for a carry-over course that is being taught during the Batch-B Period despite contacting the lecturer(s) involved, the affected students should kindly fill this form: https://bit.ly/busaacademics

For other Academic issues/complaints, kindly contact these key members of the BUSA Academic Committee.

a. Egbo lsaac C. – BUSA Vice-President (Main Campus): +2348186606509

b. Laniyan Oluwafemi- BUSA Vice-President (Iperu Campus): +2348039400721

c. Obideyi teoluwakiishi – BUSA Academic Committee

Chairperson: +2348096545741

Thank you.


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