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» Babcock University Students’ Association (BUSA) notice to students

This is to inform students of Babcock University that the Babcock University Students’ Association (BUSA) has published pieces of information students should take note of as a new academic session begins.

Babcock University Students' Association (BUSA) notice to students

It is important that you carefully read through so as to avoid issues during the school session.


1. Every student is expected to seek advice especially Academic Advice from their Course Advisors and not peers (even Class Representatives) so as to avoid making grievous and devastating mistakes in course selection.

2. Every student is expected to have their department’s bulletin which will aid them to have proper information on the courses they are expected to do during a semester as well as other relevant information. Those who haven’t received theirs should contact the Heads of their Departments.

3. Extra Units are only allowed for Final Year students with a minimum of 3.5 CGPA and this will only apply for one course. A Request for underload is possible and only applicable for Final Year Students in their last semester and the minimum units a student can take a semester is 8 units. Students should avoid applying for underload when they are not eligible as it can be termed as “Academic Fraud”.

4. Online registration should be completed during the first week of resumption to avoid issues during the semester. Every student is expected to take note of Course Codes, Course Titles, Course Unit and Course Group (per Department or Letter, i.e. LD, MLS, English Studies, etc, or Group A, Group B, etc). Although not overlooked, the Lecturer’s name is not a priority when picking courses except if explicitly stated by the Lecturer/Department), because the same lecturer may be teaching different groups.


1. The  “Add and Drop Form” has replaced “Unblocking” because of constant misuse by students. The usage of the “Add and Drop Form” ends a month before mid-semester. A student can’t use the “Add and Drop Form” to exceed the normal units required for a semester. Also, one cannot drop a course that is a carryover. It must be cleared (passed) before you proceed.

2. There is also the availability of the “Result Upload Form”. The Form is used when the students have financial issues thus making the grades not to be uploaded. Every student that has paid his/her fees is expected to complete registration. The form will be used to upload the results of the students when the issue is resolved.

3. Finally if any student has issues with his/her grading and seeks a redress, he/she is expected to get the Change of Grade Form (online), in triplicate, to process the request. This is for the semester preceding the current one.

4. These forms can be downloaded from the University’s Web Page:

a. Visit https:/www.babcock.cdu.ng

b. In the Tabs menu, select “Resources”

c. Click on “Student Forms downloads”

d. For quick access, go to https://www.babcock.cdu.ng/registry/forms


Furthermore, it is important for every student to have knowledge of these indications and know what to do when seen, and also follow the solutions provided.

1. NG: This means No Grade.
Problem: lt is due to late registration.
Solution: Any affected student should pick a Result Upload Form to rectify it.

2. Fl: Student not found on lecturer’s class list.
Problem: This is seen when a student registers in the wrong class group (Anatomy student selecting Mass Comm. Group).
Solution: Request for Change of Grade Form.

3. F5: Citizenship Grade Issue.
Problem: This is usually as a result of late semester registration or failure in any of the components of Citizenship Grade (i.e. Hall Worship, Interdisciplinary Seminar or Church Worship). Solution: Clearing of citizenship grade issues must be done the semester following the one with the problem at the B.U.M.U Office.

NOTE: If any student fails in any component in citizenship grade, such student will fail in all. The least grade is C and clearing of Citizenship grade should be done the semester following the one with the problem at the BUMU Office. No student is expected to have any uncleared Citizenship grade by graduation.



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